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World Business Guide is an international business directory for all industries. Find companies, products or services, news or jobs around the world. Submit your business proposals or offer to current tenders. The World Business Guide Live video chat software, are global and simple contact with your new business partners.
News Portal:
World Business News Portal offers international News informations on all topics.
World Business Product Portal lists World and foreign products directly from manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers. (Import - Export)
Job Market:
The job portal of World Business Guide provides actual job offers from the world.
Companies & Local Search:
In suppliers directory of World Business Guide you can find companies from all over the world.
Tender Portal:
The tender portal of World Business Guide offers suggestions for attracting new orders on a national and international level.
Investment Portal:
The Investment Portal of World Business Guide is available on global level, you can find interesting company investment proposals.
The services of World Business Guide provides you with national and international new business opportunities in the B2B and B2C sector.
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Contact the Support of World Business Guide for general inquiries and suggestions and for general inquiries about your entry.
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Read terms and conditions of World Business Guide.